Beijing Honoprof science and technology limited company was founded in 2001, is a company engaged in Europe and the United States and Japan and other countries advanced scientific testing instruments and equipment, and advanced foreign technology into the domestic science and technology service-oriented enterprises. After fifteen years of development, the company in Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Guangzhou with offices 。 

Companies with respectable, professional way to operate the business of the company ( HONOPROF comes from ourphilosophy doing business in an HONOurable and, PROFessional way ).

The company's main apparatus includes: molecular interaction analysis instrument, surface/interfacial analysis of test equipment, interface/concrete rheometer, thin film deposition and characterization of instruments.

Company vision:

The company is willing to become a profound understanding of customer psychology, fully meet customer demand, based on the application of professional equipment suppliers, patent and proprietary technology provider, to achieve the company in the industry to exceed groovy development.

Official Website:www.honoprof.com.cn / www.focalspec.com


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