MOCON and Dansensor provide package testers include; OTR,WVTR,integrity tester,MAP mixer and analyzer,which widely applied to beverage,dairy,snack,nut,condiment,bakery,fresh produce shelf life evaluation,avoid insufficient and over packaging Many deterioration of food have important relation with oxygen and water vapor,the barrier of package is extremely crucial to control food quality.

With accurate measurement you can extrapolate certain food shelf life Correctly,with excellent repeatability,MOCON testers are now commonly used in many famous food companies:Nestle,Pepsi,CFOCO,ETC...Dansensor A/S is the leading company in MAP,MAP helps a lot with prolonging the shelf life of nut,cheese,meat,bakery..We provide not only testers,but also the testing service and shelf life study service.

Official Website: www.danbell.com 

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