Dr.Weidong Liu
Weidong Liu, Ph.D, has successively held the posts of general manager assistant, senior scientist, vice general manager of HisenseElectric Appliance Co., Ltd. At present, Dr. Liuis the deputy director of the HisenseMultimedia R&DCenter, thehead of laser display standard groups in the InternationalElectrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the flat-panel display Technology Committee(TC110), the member of theSociety for InformationDisplay (SID), the senior expertfor the flat-panel display technology standardization, appraises expert of the National 863 Program and Major Program in the field of flat-panel and new-type display technology. Besides, Dr. Liu is one of the first batch of “Taishan scholar”distinguished experts (Digital multimedia technology position) andearns many honorary titles:“Young and Middle-Aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province”, “Qingdao Specialized Technical Talented Person” and “Model Worker of Qingdao”.
Up to now,Dr. Liu has completed more than 90 patent applications and authorizations, and published more than 90 papers. Hereinto, the new-type LED back light technology and the control algorithm of adaptive local dimmingbroke through the technical barriers of foreign companies and successfully won the United States and the European patents.Significantly, it marks Chinese color TVhas embarked on the stage of the core technology of the international competition.

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