Junyan Liu
2010~2015: To be responsible for OLED mobile display:4.3”qHD 5”HD,5.5”FHD, 5.7”WQHD
2010~2015: To be responsible for OLED wearable display: 1.63”Zen watch,1.45”watch and 1.4” full circle Huawei watch (“Best in show” award in 2015SID)
Paper :
“A novel four-mask-processed Poly-Si TFT fabricated using excimer laser crystallization of an edged-thickened a-Si active island” IEEE, EDL, vol. 25, p.396, 2004.
“A novel crystallization method for fabrication high-performance poly-Si thin film transisors”  EDMS, p.913, Nov. 21-22, 2003
2005, SID, “High performance fully self-aligned LDD TFT for system-on-panel Display”, P-22.
2010, SID, “A Novel Shift Register for Driving AMOLED Display
2014SID “Compensating threshold voltage on transient state for AMOLED display controlled with GOA driving
2015 SID, “A slime border design for wearable display: using novel p-type shift register and optimal layout arrangement”
2015 SDI, “A novel way of LTPS model extraction with hysteresis and transient current analysis” 
16 US patents:
US9040991, US9001013 US8410481, US8392775, US7456432, US 7760313, US7915103, US8710506,
US8692820, US8665183 , US8553024, US8502757, US8487311, US8766267, US8836618, US8878831

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